Still Worth the Wait, Though

So it's confirmed, Tau will be hitting the shelves in April.  There's a new suit, two new flyers, a handful of drones and new rules for that most iconic of weapons, the railgun.  3++ and Faeit 212 are doing a fine job of breaking the rumours, and I'm not going to replicate their work here.  I did, however, want to point out a small thing, which I found somewhat amusing.

See that?  That's the new O'Shovah, Commander Farsight of the renegade Farsight Enclaves.  Pretty sweet new model, huh?  Much more dynamic than the original one, which was just a standard XV8 with a shield and sword, just kind of standing there.  It's the sort of model that makes the wait worthwhile, right?  Makes all those long years of patience worth it, in exchange for something that obviously took so much time and effort to get just right.

Yeah, about that.  See this?  This is a concept model picture from Games Day a while back.  I've had this on my hard drive since 2011, and the image info says it was taken in 2009.  Aside from some changes to the positioning of the legs (and personally, I prefer the older, 'feet on the ground' version), these are the same models.  Which is to say, Games Workshop has been just sitting quietly on this model for, oh, four years or so.

Now that, as they say in the movie business, is development hell!

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