Kanaan Cluster Leage: Round 6


It's strange. This is the first time I went in with a full strategy, not just for me but for my team mates. There were basically three tiles that we needed to capture to put us out in front; the second hive city, and the hovering warship. We also needed to hold on to the hive city I captured in week 5. Unfortunately, my team mates had been having something of a bad run of luck this tournament, with most of them lucky to crack .500. So, I reasoned, since a tie will go to the defender, it made the most sense for me to go for the unclaimed hive city, and leave one of my partners to defend ours.

This, it turned out, was a mistake.

Hive city tiles could only be attacked directly, rather than by spaceport-enabled drops. However, the hive city I jumped to lay claim to was surrounded mostly by tiles belonging to my team, with a single unclaimed tile. That meant there was no way anyone else could challenge me for it. Which is to say, I engineered a situation where the most consistently lucky player on our team ended up in a position not to fight a single enemy. Worse, not only did one of my team mates fail to seize the orbiting warship, but another couldn't hold on to our existing hive city. At the end of the round, we were exactly where we'd started, and I'd managed to cleverly manoeuvre myself into a position where I really didn't influence the outcome one bit.

Most vexing.

Result: Tau forces seize hive city tile, uncontested

Overall result: My team places second of three, ten points behind the first-place team

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