There Is Such a Thing as Bad Publicity, Actually

This is disappointing, but hardly surprising.  According to The Popehat Signal, Games Workshop is in the process of bullying a self-published author.  MCA Hogarth's "Spots the Space Marine" has attracted the attention of GW's legal counsel, which has claimed trademark infringement and threatened, well, basically Exterminatus on her.  Nevermind that 'space marine' is a thoroughly generic term, used in a wide variety of situations, and in no way unique to Games Workshop's own Adeptus Astartes; when did a shaky basis to a questionable claim ever stop a large company from trying to intimidate smaller producers into giving up without a fight?

Emails encouraging GW to do the right thing can be sent to legal@gwplc.com, and GW can be reached on Twitter at VoxCaster. 

Whether a company that's consistently shot itself in the foot with regards to customer relations for years, however, will balk at a threatened boycott is anyone's guess...

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