Yeah, Well, My HQ Can Beat Up Your HQ!

Black Knight Games is hosting a rather unique event this coming Sunday.  Billed as a Collosseum Eternal Mega Battle, the game will be a one-board free-for-all fight between as many players as show up.  The forces?  Each player is allowed to bring one single HQ model, worth an unlimited number of points, even going so far as to allow you to field a single model from within an HQ unit.  The only restriction is that you can't put down more than one model on the board, and once it's gone, so are you.

Normally, I don't go all-out on equipping my command suit; neither version has the punch to play 'Herohammer', and many of the points that would be spent on making a slightly sub-par hero who's still extremely vulnerable to the omnipresent S8 fire could be better spent elsewhere.  This time, however, there's nowhere else to spend those points, and very little danger of S8 fire; there aren't a lot of krak missile launchers floating around the HQ slot, after all.  So this is what I've been thinking of taking, though it's still preliminary; I haven't quite nailed down exactly what I'll most need to be prepared for, yet.

Shas'o - 70
+ Plasma Rifle - 20
+ Missile Pod - 12
+ Shield Generator - 20
+ Hard-Wired Multi-Tracker - 5
+ Stimulant Injector - 10
Total: 137

Far more than I'd ever spend on a command suit, otherwise.  But for all that, I get a fairly decent solo combatant; a 4+ invulnerable save and Feel No Pain, along with the usual S7 AP4 and S6 AP2 guns, both of which can fire at the same time.  I can hurt dreadnoughts, I can go through Terminator armour, I'm not tied down to cover and with a 3+/4++ and FNP, I'll be largely immune to most of the shooting HQ units can bring.  Close combat will be a horse of a different colour, of course, but no Tau commander expects to last long, there.

The one thing I can't quite decide on is Iridium Armour.  It would increase my commander's regular save to 2+, making him that much harder to shoot off the board.  On the other hand, it would drop my guaranteed-6" assault move down to just D6", and that 2+ is just as useless as a 3+ in the face of power weapons and orbital strikes.  Decisions, decisions...

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