A Sign of What's To Come?

Games Workshop updated their 40K FAQs a little while ago, and unusually for them they pretty much did a sweep across the board.  Most everything, from the rulebook to the codices, got at least a few new points put in there to clear up little questionable odds and sods. 

The exceptions?  Tau Empire, and Black Templar.

Here's hoping this means that the rumours really are true; that those two codices are the next up on the updating block, and that they'll be making their appearances sooner rather than later.  After all, it's not as though there aren't still a few questions about the Tau Empire codex, or even questions about the answers from the last round of questions about the Tau Empire codex.  And if you're already doing everyone else, you'd think they'd throw those two groups in as well.  Unless they knew it wasn't necessary; unless they knew, for instance, there'd be a whole new set of questions needing answers soon enough, so why bother putting something together now when they'll just have to do it all again in two or three or four months?

Fingers cross, my shas'os and 'els out there.  Fingers crossed...


  1. Maybe those two feature in the 6th Edition version of Assault On Black Reach ;-)

  2. Ha! Oh man, that would be awesome; eBay absolutely -flooded- with cheap plastic crisis suits!